Trainz, also known as the Trainz Railroad Simulator or (in Britain Since 2006) Trainz Railway Simulator or (since 2009) Trainz Simulator, is a family of 3D train simulator computer games created by Australian games developer N3V Games (previously Auran), and which exploits (today) an interactive internet community sharing resources, and able to send consists (trains) transcontinentally, as well as construct and share game resources. The game has been released in several earlier versions, including localized ones with landmark major (eponymously named) releases being Trainz, TRS2004, TRS2006, TS2009 {from 2001 ("Trainz") to 2009}, and "Trainz Simulator 2010 - Engineers Edition" Trainz 2010 - Engineers Edition is currently the latest instalment in the franchise, which was released on Auran's online store in late 2009, and worldwide retail on DVD throughout 2010.

The Trainz simulator user interface and its various modes of operation is designed with the model railroading enthusiast in mind rather than the lay purchaser who believes the idea of model railroading is to emulate the "toy train" circular railway bought in the box from a department store — though elements of that "layout style" and play possibilities in that simple mode are certainly achievable — indeed moreover, are common experiences in "Surveyor"mode/user-interface as one tests out newly laid route track, routing, turn tightness, yard operations, signals, interactive industries and so forth before decorating a 'route' and adding newly defined and saved 'Driver' scenarios. The Trainz emulation offers that simplistic mode even on a newly laid undecorated 'layout' ("Route") one can put together in less time it takes to set up said store-bought toy trains. In Trainz parlence, such a trial play would take place from within the construction mode called "Surveyor", most often as a test as implied. In the Auran's "DRIVER" instead, Trainz offers a far more in depth experience, one much more like that the dedicated hobbyists have enjoyed having spent thousands of dollars and invested hundreds of hours in designing routes, building tables, adding sculpted terrain, laying finicky track, constructing scale models from scratch and by kits, modeling scale industries within the terrain, purchasing and tuning-up dozens of pricey cars, pricier locomotives, then spent hours more playing with the scenario mimicking real railway operations at scale sizes. Trainz offers all that and more without the need to get dust up ones nose, paint off the kitchen table, or expensive materials, model cars, and electrical devices — all working without need for finicky mechanical tweaks or even wiring.

Model railroaders have several focii: some like modeling real world railways, their rolling stock, locations, routes, and so forth almost to obsessive amounts of details — spending time faithfully replicating a building built a certain place a certain year, and so forth. Amongst those are those focused on big picture amiability, or decorating the environment, mock towns, surrounding countryside, and so forth in pretty fall colors, or stark winter bleakness. Others prefer "Operations" — running a train region — performing task oriented individual operations (switching out cars to and from a siding for a particular series of industries, and so forth whilst coping with and avoiding other nearby rail traffic, etc.)

The various Trainz simulators offer all that and more immediately in canned scenarios ("Driver sessions") from those which mimic limited home hobbyist operations scenarios with a space limited layout ("Routes", meaning a mapped virtual layout not limited to one's basement) of only a few industries and some connecting track with one or two operators stations to model train club sized banquet-hall sized layouts incorporating dozens of operator stations, tens of trains, and many interactive industries. Additionally, the simulations allow one to build up a dream railway, or model a real world railway from nothing with tools and object libraries which are extensible and to begin with, extensive as well.

Auran's simulations allows one to operate from inside the virtual cab of the locomotive or inside a car (wagon), view the passing consists from trackside, follow above or around outside the train facing any direction, or go haring off 'flying' above the virtual world surface independent of one's train or trains. Obedient helper drivers, robots of sorts can be given directives and aid in operations of the larger, much more capable and complicated scenarios. Online archives supported by a plethora of dedicated hobby web sites can be used to download new content (building, models of a railways particular rolling stock, etc.) and extensions.

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