Premium Account

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What are the benefits of Premium Account?

Free account: Premium Account:
Download speed: Up to 15 kb/sUnlimited
Online advertisements: DisplayedBlocked

How do I get the Premium Account?

1. Register to PTram.eu
2. Make a payment via DOTPAY.PL ( handles various payment channels) or PayPal.pl
3. While filling the payment form it is necessary that you submit the same e-mail address you registered with PTram! The Premium Account will be created within 24 hours since we receive the payment. We will e-mail you once the Premium Account is created.

Buy Premium Account (EURO):

30- Day Account - 3,20 Euro
1- Year Account - 12,99 Euro


30- Day Account - 4,90 USDBUY
1- Year Account - 15,90 USDBUY

Payments by DOTPAY.PL

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